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Furnace Installation for New Build, Construction and Additions.

At Balanced Air Heating & Cooling we don't just replace your existing furnace with a new one, we also enjoy installing the first furnace in a home or an addition. Why do we enjoy new, first time, furnace installations so much? Because we see in many furnace replacement jobs that the ductwork wasn't laid out initially to maximize the airflow, heat and comfort levels of the home. By the time we're replacing the furnace, re-working the ductwork to improve airflow by 10 - 20% is usually a costly repair that won't get the return on investment, so we replace the furnace knowing the system could be more efficient.

When we do a new furnace installation for a new construction or addition we enjoy taking all factors into consideration and the satisfaction knowing the furnace and the ductwork is installed to optimize the home owners comfort and heat bills.  The best HVAC contractors will take into consideration factors like: size of home, number of windows, window quality, insulation, ceiling fans and other areas that could impact air flow and the disbursement (and retention) of heat.

Call Balanced Air Heating and Cooling to get a free quote and learn more about maximizing the comfort of your new construction or home addition while minimizing your heating bill.


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