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Whether you call it central air, a/c or your air conditioning system, you want your repairs done by a licensed HVAC technician like Balanced Air Heating & Cooling. All our central air repairs, or repairs to any HVAC equipment, is affordable, honest and thorough. We are a local small business that cares about our customers so you will always get the repairs you need and not get up-sold on equipment you don't need or replacements that aren't warranted. 

A/C Repairs: Fixing Your HVAC Equipment

As a licensed HVAC technician Jeremy Hall is proficient at central air repairs on all residential A/C systems and HVAC equipment. Over the years he has worked on, repaired, performed maintenance and replaced central air a/c systems manufactured by all the major HVAC manufacturers.

Top 5 Tell-Tale Signs You May Need a Central Air Repair

Some of these may seem obvious, but if you're experiencing any of these and you're wondering if you need to call, the answer is "yes."  Call us or fill out a contact us form and we will give you an honest assessment of your air conditioning system. We never recommend an a/c repair that isn't needed.

  1. A/C isn't coming on. If it's an emergency, call us right away. The fix could be as simple as the thermostat connection or an obstruction like leaf or mulch.
  2. Your A/C vents are blowing warm air. Don't panic. This isn't always a sign of a costly repair. It could be as simple as low refrigerant, a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor.
  3. The air conditioning unit is making strange noises. Some noises are normal but squealing, clanking and grinding noises indicate repairs are in need. This is one you don't want to put off. Whatever is causing the noise won't go away on its own and the sooner we can repair it, the less damage is done.  And please don't run the air conditioning system until you can get it fixed. Your need for a repair could evolve into a need for a replacement - a much more expensive proposition.
  4. There's ice forming on the central air unit. When the A/C condenser coils get clogged the refrigerant builds up and creates ice on the unit. Turn it off, and we can service it once the unit is thawed.
  5. Higher than normal energy bill. It's possible when your energy bill is much higher than normal in the summer months that your A/C system isn't operating as efficiently as it once did. This might be solved by some simple a/c maintenance service - like a cleaning, tune-up and filter change.


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